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The main difference between and is that one of them is a hosting site and one is not.

I have had many clients start with using, and the first thing I do is try to get them out of that arrangement. is primarily a hosting site that uses WordPress as the platform, but it severely limits what you can do on the platform, although it does take care of everything for you (hosting, domain name, or install WordPress). There are other sites similar to this, such as, which offer this type of service. can be free if you are okay with using .wordpress as a part of your domain name (like, but for a fee you get access to more features and your own domain name (although still limited) which most people end up doing. does not allow plugins, there is no access to your backend code base, and you cannot upload your own themes. is ALWAYS FREE. But using it is not.

Downloading the platform from is always free, but you do need to pay for certain accommodations in order to use it: a domain name and web hosting. You can learn more about web hosting and domain names here.

Many hosting sites will auto-install the WordPress platform onto your site for you, like, but you’ll still need to understand how to use the platform once you’ve installed it, so that’s where I come in! I’ll build your new site on the platform and then show you the ropes on how to manage it properly afterwards.

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