Let’s say you have just written a new blog post. You’ve done your due diligence — you made sure the post has the right amount of words, it has quality content, and you’ve shared it across your social media platforms. But the new post isn’t showing up on google!

New content can take some time to populate across search engines but you can help the process by adding some internal links to your posts.

But! There is a catch.

You have to link within the context of the content.

Of instance, I you blog about interior design — linking to other articles regarding interior design inside your blog makes sense, but it would not make sense for you to link to a post about hosting recipes for the holidays.

If your pages don’t have any links at all to them within your site, it’s going to be much harder for search engines to find those pages, too!

So make sure all of your posts have contextual links that make sense. Not all of your articles are going to be deemed worthy or are as important as other articles, so they might not have as many, but they need to have at least something.

Your most important content should have the most links pointing towards them within your website, because that is where you want your potential clients to end up.

Think of internal linking as a part of your general site maintenance, and start reviewing your current content to make sure your internal link structure is robust. Then, as you add new content, it will be like second nature to do so!