this September



Social by CJ can fix that.

Social by CJ delivers Canva templates for static posts, carousels, stories and a few Reel bonuses straight to your inbox each month! I’ll also provide you with content prompts and copy to use, and the reason behind the post to help align with your overall content strategy. I’ll have video resources on how to customize the template for various service-based industries to help provide more context. In the email, you’ll also get some tips and tricks from me on how to maximize your time on Facebook and Instagram.

Canva Templates

Fully cutomizable, and reformatted for instagram, facebook, and stories.

Content Prompts

Each graphic will have suggested copy and the WHY behind the strategy. 


A library of video resources will be available on how to edit the graphics with your branding colors, images, etc.

Tips & Tricks

Each month you’ll get tips and tricks from what I do with my own social media clients like how increase reach, engagement, andhow to understand your insights and analyze previous content.

Get off the hamster wheel
of panic posting.

$20 a month
can get you

  • A stress-free work experience
  • Win back your evenings- no more fumbling trying to get it “just right”
  • More time for the things you need to focus on in your business
  • Feeling empowered about your marketing goals

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You think what you know is common knowledge, but it isn't.

My husband, after listening to me talk about marketing strategies for the 1,000th time this month